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About Horvat Fine Violins and Bows
Horvat Fine Violins was founded by its owner, Damir Horvat. Damir is a third generation instrument and bow maker, an expert restorer, and a professional violinist. In addition to receiving his training by various notable experts in Europe and in the United States, Damir employs the family trade secrets. In order to understand and develop the finest points of contemporary American violin making, Damir was the last student of a close friend and mentor, an icon of violin making- Carl F. Becker.

Horvat Fine Violins and Bows is family-owned and operated in Columbia, SC. Since opening in 2006, we’ve provided service to hundreds of satisfied customers treating them as they were a part of our family. Other companies may offer similar services, but our services come with a personal, intelligent, and honest touch. 

"The bow I commissioned in 2007 from Damir Horvat plays like a dream. The bow is not only a beautifully detailed work of art: its balance and weight is perfect for me- this bow really delivers the response and clarity of sound that I need in performance. Mr. Horvat has also done a wonderful job repairing and adjusting my 1908 Paul Bailly violin. He takes the time to explain exactly what issues he sees, and the work, small or large, is done with meticulous attention to detail. I have owned my Bailly violin for 30 years, and I've always loved playing it, but when Horvat completed his work, it was like getting back a Strad- the violin really does sound that much better!
  Friendly, extremely knowledgeable, and painstaking, Damir Horvat is a master craftsman from the old school. We in the midlands of South Carolina are very fortunate to have his talent and expertise. Thank you Horvat Violins!" 

Mary Lee Taylor Kinosian
SC Philharmonic Concertmaster
GSO Asst. Concertmaster
Upton Trio Violinist/Composer